We were kicking around an idea of doing a Stranded at sea themed shot and decided to turn one of our Sunday Funday shoots into a concept shoot.  Paul went picking a buddy’s garage and pulled out a vintage latern.  Happy & I went to Goodwill and bought the oldest, smelliest clothing & shoes we could find that might fit a pseudo period piece concept.  The stage was set.  Since we have no oceans to speak of in Nashville, we’d have to rely on a little Photoshop trickery when it came to the waves & water.  We found a location with the appropriate rocks and gave it a try.  Luckily for us, a storm was rolling in, and after a few minutes the clouds and atmosphere were the perfect mood for what I had in my head.  Most everything in the final image was Real & shot on location.  The Water was added to the image later & I used a Photoshop water brush for the splashes.  I removed a bush or two, then enhanced the glow coming from the Lantern.  The rest was just a result of overpowering available light with artificial light and underexposing the camera to achieve the Feel.  We used an Einstein for lighting, a 51” Extreme Silver Parabolic with White diffusion fabric, powered by a mini vagabond.  Coincidentally, the Titanic soundtrack was playing on Apple Music in the Background as we shot.  

Here is a Behind the Scenes video of some of the process.

Keep those shutters clicking!

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