We were kicking around an idea of doing a Stranded at sea themed shot and decided to turn one of our Sunday Funday shoots into a concept shoot.  Paul went picking a buddy’s garage and pulled out a vintage latern.  Happy & I went to Goodwill and bought the oldest, smelliest clothing & shoes we could find that might fit a pseudo period piece concept.  The stage was set.  Since we have no oceans to speak of in Nashville, we’d have to rely on a little Photoshop trickery when it came to the waves & water.  We found a location with the appropriate rocks and gave it a try.  Luckily for us, a storm was rolling in, and after a few minutes the clouds and atmosphere were the perfect mood for what I had in my head.  Most everything in the final image was Real & shot on location.  The Water was added to the image later & I used a Photoshop water brush for the splashes.  I removed a bush or two, then enhanced the glow coming from the Lantern.  The rest was just a result of overpowering available light with artificial light and underexposing the camera to achieve the Feel.  We used an Einstein for lighting, a 51” Extreme Silver Parabolic with White diffusion fabric, powered by a mini vagabond.  Coincidentally, the Titanic soundtrack was playing on Apple Music in the Background as we shot.  

Here is a Behind the Scenes video of some of the process.

Keep those shutters clicking!

Lacey, My Neighbor

I’m so thankful for great neighbors! It doesn’t hurt when they have 2 Vogue Models living under their roof :) I can’t count the amount of times this lovely young lady allowed us to Practice back when we started. Now I’m talking when we were still shining lights we picked up at Lowes through white sheets. Not a Clue what we were doing. haha! She has since gone on to start her own family with a great young man that unfortunately took her from just a few houses over to 1000s of miles away… Jokes aside, I came across one of these Practice photos yesterday and wanted to send a shoutout to Lacey Here’s looking at you kid. 

MUAH: Happy Payne 

Lighting: Paul Breeding

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